Proof of Concept

Game-changing Revelation

In 2016 my friend Ryan shared a very simple but poignant lesson with our community group that asked us to look closer at how willing we were to give of ourselves. I realized that a big crutch I used was that I could never figure out practical ways to make an impact. I would probably make less excuses if there was a resource that could help me find creative ways to give back. Surprisingly, this kind of resource didn't exist, so I knew I had to build it.

A Simple Concept

The idea was very basic -- make a tool that displayed random ideas for giving back. A user could infinitely scroll through nuggets and they could filter by category and share on twitter.

Concept sketch

The UI

I whipped up a quick concept for the page. The color scheme was a serene blue-green. I was eager to do something with Playfair Display, and this was my chance.

The Protoype

When I was approaching building this concept, I considered the 'from-scratch' route, but quickly prioritized getting something up and working. I used WordPress with a modified boilerplate theme and the FullPageJS plugin to get a working proof of concept.

UPINOUT Prototype Site Overview Screen in Local by Flywheel


For me, this project was all about rapid prototyping. Gathering the content took longer, but overall the tool itself took a few hours (over time) in my spare time to create a proof of concept. My goal is to eventually revisit and improve the idea, add the ability to submit ideas through hashtags on social and to code it from scratch.

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UIO Screens